Monday, July 28, 2014

Another week

Hello everybody once again. Another week has come and I have no clue to where it has gone...
But that is usually the case. Anywho, this past week was a good week. We had Zone conference, got to see a few people from my last area. Got a surprise or two (at least two actually), and some other interesting stuff.

So to start off with last Monday we were walking to contact a few people, and on main street there are always people so we talk to them too, but we were walking by an RV park and there was a man sitting outside his RV so we went over and started talking to him. He asked where we were from and we told him and when he heard I was from North Carolina he stopped and asked which part. So I told him Raleigh and he replied that he is from Fayetteville. Born and raised. So we talked for a little bit. Talked about fiddlers grove back home and good ole North Carolina BBQ. But he is an inactive member but we hit it off, so we have stopped by two more times since monday. So hopefully we can help him. Then on Wednesday Panguitch had their Chocolate fest. So the whole town goes there and they have just tons and tons of home made chocolate everything. It was crazy. So I ate a Banana, just plain, but my companion loaded up on chocolate. so it was good. We talked to a lot of people there. So we found one person we may be able to start teaching there. So then on Thursday we had Zone conference over to Richfield. So we left Panguitch at 7:00 to get up there before 9:00 and had the conference until 3:00 so at the end of the conference President called me over with my zone leader and district leader and called me as a district leader. They split the district in the middle of the transfer. That was kind of odd. We all expected it, but not until next transfer. So anywho that was interesting. Then Saturday they had a Tractor parade so we went and "tract"ed that  :) horrible pun, I know, but I had to. So they had a tractor pull after that. We didn't stick around for the pull. Pretty much everyone we talked to were active members or less active members. I think we talked to 2 non-members. But as we were walking back to the apartment (about 2 miles) one of my recent converts ran out of a restaurant here in Panguitch, so I got to see Cobe again and talk to him, it was awesome to see him and the Sorensons were with him. So I saw a couple of different people from my last area because Panguitch had their Quilt Walk Festival this weekend. So we had a very interesting week. It was awesome.

Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

-Elder Valentine

P.S. I believe this is a 1937 Cord with a "C" but It is a sweet car! and Bro. Talbot 

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