Monday, July 28, 2014

Hot Air Balloons

So this past week has been a busy one. Well if you look at my planner it looked busy. Mostly because we make appointments and then people don't keep them and want to reschedule for the next day and then don't keep that... But no it actually was pretty busy. We went over to Beaver and taught a Thai family and by we I mean I sat there again and Elder Sae-dan taught. But it was super good. Hopefully we can help them. Then we had district meeting over in Tropic which I thought went well. But The highlight of the week was Saturday during the Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally.

It was an invasion of hot air balloons!! Seriously. They were every where. There were about 35 of them. So it was awesome. The last picture is when they started landing. But the first one is a hot air balloon eclipse, give me a few days and I could come up with some kind of pun for it. I am sure...

But anyways we had a pretty good week. We got some solid referrals and were able to set up an appointment with a couple (the wife came to church by herself the last two sundays in row!) for next week. But that was super cool!! 

Anywho I hope you all have a good week. I love you all!

-Elder Valentine

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