Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Another week down and another email to everyone! Greetings all, I hope your week was fantastic!

So this past week was a pretty good week. We taught a lot, put some investigators on-date, and contacted some promising leads. So it was pretty busy. Yet not as busy as I would have liked. I don't feel like we have been able to get as much done as we normally would have. But we lose about 10 hours of time a week because of the training program. So not really much we can do there. But if you figure 10 hours a week for 12 weeks that is 120 hours... That is 5 days of time gone. But that is ok. Training is super important. So it is also helping me to be able to go back to the basics and relearn and re-apply the fundamentals taught in the 12 week program. Really all it can do is help me. But anyways yeah, it was a pretty good week. We were able to teach Jay and Jad twice. We finished the Plan of Salvation with them and then started teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't remember which lesson, but we put them on date for the 28th of June. Which is pretty much the earliest we can do with 9 year olds because they have to attend church a few times. But they are super smart. They have been going to Primary for a long time and know pretty much everything. Teaching kids is either the best experience or the worst. But with them it is great. We also met with the Pendley family. The wife and son are members, but the father is not. He has something holding him back, but Elder Sae-dan was super bold (I love it) and asked him to pray about it and if he got an answer if he would be baptized. Glen (the father/husband) responded yes. So now we just need to follow up with him and make sure that he prayed. But I was super impressed with Elder Sae-dan, he is a stellar missionary. So I am glad to be serving with him. So we also went out to Bryce Canyon City, which is where Ruby's inn is, and tried to contact some of the Thai people that work out there. We were only able to contact one person that was actually Thai. The rest of them were all working. But apparently they only come out for about 3 months and work here for that long and then go back to Thailand. So they leave in 2 weeks.... That was a little disappointing. But there is a new group of about 60 coming in towards the end of the month. So we will be following up there in a few weeks. So it should be good. Also we have been working on meeting with the Thai families that live over to beaver. It is hard to find time when we can meet with them and they can meet with us, but we will find a time. 

So also last week we had Zone training meeting, and then on Saturday Adrian and Andrew were baptized!!! That was on Saturday, and then on Sunday they showed up to Sacrament about 30 minutes late.... Talk about sweating it... I was like "where are they???" So they showed up and the member of the bishopric conducting handled it excellently and just did the confirmation after the first speaker finished. So that was by the skin of our teeth. But anyways, that was our week, I will try to include a picture of the baptism.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Valentine

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