Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 30

Well another week and another transfer and another month have come and gone!!! Crazy huh??

So yeah this week begins week 31 and transfer 5. 

So update for transfer info. Elder Read and I are staying together for this transfer. He was made district leader over the district and they shrunk the district down to just 3 companionships. So we are now centered in Kanab. I am happy we don't have to drive out to Hurricane every week for meetings. We just have to drive down to Kanab now. But we are actually in Cedar City right now doing emails. We came over here to do our shopping at Walmart. Because it is literally half as far to Cedar as it is to Hurricane. So yeah, we are outside our zone at the moment. But! that is ok because we have permission. It is amazing what you can get permission to do if you can save 90 miles on one trip. So yeah, good times.

But this past week was a good one. We went and hiked a slot canyon on P-day. It wasn't very long. It just ended at a rock face that you need ropes to scale. So we just hiked back out. But then this past Sunday Cobe got confirmed. We had 2 lessons with the Morgan Family and finally got a time set up when we can have a lesson with someone that we have been working on since we got to the area. Well since Elder Greene and I got there. But we had a few other lessons also. But anyways this transfer is going to be a good one. There is some really good potential so we have a goal for 3 baptisms this transfer. And we have names to back it up. So we will see how things go. We just have to work hard and miracles will happen. 

Well that is it for this week. I hope everyone stays warm this coming week. I hear it is supposed to get really really cold. So everyone be safe and stay warm.

I love you all. Have a great week!

-Elder Valentine

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 29

Greetings all! Another week has come and gone and what a week it has been! This is actually the last week of this transfer. Scary to think about really. So this will be the end of my 5th transfer. Time is going by so fast.

BUT! We had a great week! So long as you are working time can fly by. This weekend we had 2 baptisms! (I will include pictures.) So Pam got baptized on Saturday and then on Sunday Cobe got baptized. It was a great weekend. Those were the first baptisms we have had in this area. So now that we got the ball rolling we need to have 2 more next month. (Which we are going to do) Now we just need to find more investigators to teach. We have 3 people that we are still working with, we need to find about 3 more, so we can stay busy. So that is what we are going to be working on in the upcoming week. 

I feel like it is a huge blessing to be able to feel joy when people enter into covenants with the Lord. I feel like it is a blessing that he gives to us to be able to experience to a small extent what He feels. Well I love you all. Know that I pray for you and wish you all the best. 

-Elder Valentine

1. Pam and her husband