Monday, July 28, 2014


Well greetings once again! This past week was an ok week. Nothing spectacular. We had a lot of lessons fall through. But that is just missionary work I suppose. If there wasn't any adversity there would not be any kind of growth. So I guess I cannot really complain. 

I have been teaching my companion to say Y'all though. :) I don't know if President Center would be unhappy about that, but I have to leave him with at least some kind of influence :) So it is funny. He has been saying y'all to people and they are like oh I wonder where he learned that... Guilty. It is funny. But anyways the highlight of the week was going over to Beaver yesterday for the Thai family home evening they had over there. We had more people show up then have to one before. Plus there were some people that came that have never been to one. So they are really softening up. It is amazing to see. And it is all because Elder Sae-dan is here to teach them I am convinced. It is amazing how the Lord is aware of everyone and everything. He sent Elder Sae-dan to this specific area at this specific time to help specific people. And though it is obvious to me that is the case, the same applies to every missionary. Regardless of how obvious it is to outside or internal observation. The Lord sends us all to where we need to be, and where he needs us, when we need to be there and when he needs us to be there. At any point in your life. The Lord is aware of us all individually. It is remarkable. 

But I hope you all have a great week!

I love you all!

-Elder Valentine

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