Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 22

I do not even know why I bother trying to remember what week it is. I think it was week 22 but oh well, that is what I put. But anywho!

This past week was a good week. We had new years and had some super fun district activities. We hiked a slot canyon here in my area. It was super intense. I will put a photo of that in here if I can. But we got to watch a movie new years eve and then on news years night as well. So we watched Despicable Me and Toy story 2. We actually had a pretty decent sized list of movies we could watch. But those are the 2 that we picked. So that was pretty exciting to get to watch a movie. 

But more importantly we were able to find a couple of new investigators this week. Which is a miracle. Considering almost no one was home because of the holidays, the fact that we found some new investigators can only be a miracle. It is amazing though the miracles you see when you are paying attention. Miracles happen all the time. I think too often we just look at it as coincidence or happenstance. But everything happens for a reason. So I say miracles. But it seems to me like things here are going to start picking up here with the start of the New Year. Which is super exciting. 

But I love you all! See miracles! 

-Elder Valentine

P.S. Looking out of the Slot towards the sky

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