Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 18

So another Transfer has come and gone! I have been out 3 transfers so far. That is just crazy to think about. So my companion and I received our transfer call yesterday and we are both staying. Which is good. I would have hated to have gotten transferred. I have only been here 6 weeks. That would have been the pits. But last week was quite the adventure. We had some good teaching appointments. And the Zone conference we had was spectacular. So that was an awesome start to our week. The elders that took over my last area also called me to let me know about one of the investigators from back there and it was spectacular news. So that was much appreciated. 

So we saw Don at church again yesterday and had a great appointment with him last night. He is progressing well. He is taking things very seriously. So that is amazing. Every time we meet with him I just have this great joy for him. I think it is a great blessing to be able to experience that small amount of joy (small compared to what our heavenly father feels) for him. But we are going to keep working with him and do anything we can to help him. 

But as far as the adventurous week goes the weekend was a blast. Well an Arctic blast at least. Temperatures got down in the negatives at night, like -5 in Orderville and all the way down to -34 at Duck creek. Luckily we were not at Duck Creek any during that cold spell. And it also snowed. A lot. We got anywhere from 12-14 inches here in Orderville. Glendale had 18-20 and Alton had about the same as far as I heard. The snow was beautiful. But it is kinda a nuisance. It is a really dry powdery snow so it blows around a lot. (The photo is right around 5ish on Saturday night.)
But There was a lot of snow and fog. So much so that the whole valley lost cell phone reception until 6:00 Sunday night. So everyone was without cell phones for about 24 hours. But tonight we are headed up to Alton and then one of the members up there is going to take us to Duck Creek. The roads out here are meticulously maintained though. So driving around really isn't a problem. They are dry and snow free. They have plows that run continuously when it is snowing so it is easy to get around. But that was our week. I hope everyone is staying warm back home. And I love you all. Until next week.

-Elder Valentine


Picture number 1 is thursday night coming home from Alton at 8:04 

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