Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 16!

I am having such a hard time believing that it has already been 16 weeks. Or 4 months since I have been out. Time is just flying by! It is crazy. So this past week we were still really slow. We have been struggling in this area. And it isn't that there isn't any work to be done. It is just the people who are not members or not active are just hardened. It is crazy. So we have been trying to working more with less actives. And we talked to our mission president and he said to start teaching lessons to the members. Because other then them we have zero investigators. It is hard being in this area. I am doing ok overall. But I just don't know what is going to happen to this area. The missionaries that had been here before us had also been struggling. I kinda think this might be a last push for this area before they consider just closing it down for the winter. There is a lot more work in the summer. So we are just trying to find ways to stay busy. It isn't easy but so long as we are anxiously engaged the Lord knows that we are doing our best here. 

But we spoke in 2 sacraments yesterday and then taught one of the priest quorums. It is kinda sad, but that is the most teaching that we have done this whole week was yesterday. After church we had 2 appointments where we taught less actives. It is hard to believe but I really miss teaching, I never thought I would find myself saying that. But It just comes down to the truth that we have to share is so important. As we share that the Lord will bless us.

But great news as far as my last area goes! (It is amazing how you just come to love people you teach and how even when you move on you still have that love for them even when you move on.)
Billie, one of the people we were teaching in Hurricane got engaged to her boyfriend. She really wanted to get Baptized but they were living together. So they got engaged. The other Elders in that area sent me a message letting me know. So I was super excited to hear that. 

It is exciting this work that we are engaged in. Some of the greatest joy I have ever had in my life is helping others to come unto Christ and repent. I know that as we all strive to help those struggling and bring them to the Gospel we will all be blessed to also experience that same joy. It is a promise that God has made to us. And He will never lie. I love you all. And I hope every single one of us remember those things that we have to be so Grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Until next week.

-Elder Valentine

I stole some pics of Elder Valentine from his gf's facebook.  See below

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