Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 14

So this past week was week 2 of my 3rd transfer! That is just crazy! Time is just flying by. So this past week was an ok week. A little slow as far as lessons and teaching people. We have gotten to meet a lot of the members in the area. So we have gotten to get to know them and they have in turn been helping us. We have a decent number of appointments this week. So we hope to fill out some more of our schedule and meet some new people to teach also. We basically did service all day saturday and then spoke in evening session of stake conference here in the stake we are serving in. Not really too much to report back on overall. So this will be a short email. Hopefully there will be more to report back on next week.

One cool thing I almost forgot to mention. I met one Douglas Heaton. He served in the Canada Alberta mission back in the late 60's. Which just so happens to be the same mission as My Uncle Bobby. Turns out they were both companions almost 50 years ago. The last place I ever thought I would ever come to and be able to hear the name Lehrschall pronounced correctly would have been the tiny mountain town of Alton Utah. So cool. But anyways that is all for this week. Until next week! I love you all!

-Elder Valentine

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