Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 13

So this past week has been quite the adventure. I was transferred to the Kanab 2 area. Which is the 4 northern wards in the Kanab stake. So we cover Orderville 1st and 2nd wards, The Glendale ward, and the Alton ward. We got to our area on Tuesday. On our way up the mountain it began snowing and sleeting. The most north part of our area, Alton, got 6-8 inches of snow. The members here said they can get anywhere from 2-4 feet during the winter. That amount is mainly up in the Alton area. Glendale and Orderville don't really get that much snow. Which makes me glad that I am living in Orderville. So the area we cover was being covered by sister missionaries. They have had sisters for the last 18 months or so. So my companion and I are completely new to the area. We have been meeting as many members as we possibly can. Which has been a lot. Sadly most of the investigators the sisters had do not want to meet with us. Some of them have been friendly but most of them have been very uninterested. So we have pretty much had to start over from square one. Which is fine. It is like we pretty much are having to open the area. We even moved into a different house then the one the sisters where living in. So we had to deep clean that one too. It was filthy. But I guess all that cleaning at Express really prepared me to do that. So thanks Steve!
But onto my companion. His name is Elder Greene, pronounced just like the color but with another e on the end. He is from, drum roll please!, Lexington, North Carolina! Crazy I know. He has been out 9 months. So he served in the same area that entire 9 months so this is his second area. Just like it is mine. It seems we have a lot of the same interest. His goal after the mission is to become a mechanic. Kinda funny huh? 

But anywho, we have been getting out and pretty much just meeting all the members. The residents in our area don't reckon things by addresses, they use landmarks like trees and rusted cars or other peoples houses. There are pretty much like 6-8 main families and almost everyone has the same last name. There are so many Esplins, Spencers, Maxwells, Coxes, Heatons, and Roundys and I am sure some others that I can't think of right now. So you have to get peoples first names here, otherwise you have no idea who they are talking about. But when you are trying to get around they just tell you to go to this persons house then turn right and go to the second house on your left with the big tree out front. I think addresses are easier but what can I say? If it ain't broke don't fix it right?
But anyways that is all for this week. Until next week!  I love you all!

-Elder Valentine

P.S. Here are some pictures of the snow and frozen lake. When we get a lot more snow I will take some more. I think the red rock with snow is beautiful though. I took these like 2 days after it snowed.


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