Thursday, February 20, 2014

Week 28

Greetings once more everyone! I have been hearing about a whole lot of wintry weather that has been happening out there this past week. I hope everyone was able to get unfroze and resume their normal day to day things and be safe. 

Things out here in the Valley are going well. We had a bit of slow week last week. A lot of appointments canceled on us for whatever reason. But we did find 2 new investigators. So that was really really good.  We need to increase our teaching pool because pretty soon (this weekend) we are going to be losing 2 of our investigators. But it is all good, because.... They are getting Baptized!!
Pam has been working with missionaries for almost 7 years. She is on track to get baptized this Saturday at 4:00 P.M. Then on Sunday at 5:00 P.M. We will also be baptizing Cobe Reck. So this weekend should be a really good weekend. We have the Mission President coming this evening to interview Pam for Baptism. So long as everything goes well we will help her to enter in at the strait gate. So that is very exciting. 

Otherwise I have been doing really well. I have begun to memorize scriptures. I started doing that about 3 weeks ago and then last week the mission president announced we will begin having scriptures to memorize as a mission. So I know that was inspired. I have already seen the blessings of having scriptures memorized. It helps me to be able to teach with more power and authority. It really is an act of faith on our behalf to start memorizing them.  And when we act in faith then miracles start to happen. It takes a lot of commitment and work to memorize scriptures word for word. But it pays dividends when people hear that and the Spirit can follow through more powerfully because of our efforts. Just something I noticed. But that really applies to all areas of our life other then just in a spiritual sense. When that same effort is applied to anything blessings will follow. That I know to be true. When we work, Things happen.

But otherwise this week is very promising. We are going to go out and find some more people to teach and keep this area going. Everyone is saying that once spring gets here there will be a lot more people here. So if I end up staying here that long there should be some really good progress. 

Well time is running out. I should be going. But I love you all. 

As one of the other missionaries said recently. The Church is true and the Book is Blue. 

Until next week 
-Elder Valentine

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