Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 26

The only way that I know how long I have been out is to write this email. I have to go and look at what week we were on last week.... But It is hard to believe that last week was my 6 month mark. I don't know how that happened. But anyways I didn't burn anything. I feel like that is a waste.

But anywho this past week has been a great week. We have been finding new people to teach and have been helping those we have been teaching get closer to being baptized. One amazing experience that we have had out here is the fast we had yesterday. The whole southwest area fasted for rain or snow yesterday. Literally around 5:30 it started snowing. It was clear during the morning. And the weather forecast for this week said highs in the 60's and clear when we looked last week. Now they are saying snow and more snow. So I just have to say fasting and prayer really do bring about miracles. And if as a large region we can pray and fast for moisture and then receive it think about what other miracles we could experience if we exercised our faith accordingly.
So otherwise not too much else to report on. We are just keepin on keepin on. Things continually improve here in the Kanab 2 area. I love you all and hope that everyone is doing well. I will talk to you all later.
-Elder Valentine

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