Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 7

It is time for another weekly update! It seems like I was just doing this. Time is flying. But anywho. This past week was a really good week. It cooled off enough that we pulled out the bikes and hit the road. We spent Tuesday canvasing two of the wards we are in. So we knocked a good number of doors. We really just spent that time contacting less-actives. Then Wednesday we had our Temple Trip. So we got to the Temple at 9:00 and left around 1:00. The St. George Temple is beautiful. There is so much history there. But it was really special to be able to go and "escape" the outside world and be able to have that peace you only get in the temple. I definitely savored that experience. After the temple we spent the rest of the day Wednesday moving. We had to move from the apartment we were in, into a new apartment. The landlords needed the apartment for their daughter who just had her 2nd baby. So we moved into a new apartment. I can't complain. The new apartment has a much better view. I feel like my first area is spoiling me sometimes. But I am very grateful for the experiences that I am having out here. It really is a great area. I have learned a lot. For sure. Thursday we spent most of the day cleaning our old apartment and cleaning the new apartment. We had to have the old apartment cleaned by the end of the day Thursday. So we were given permission to spend our time doing that.  But we got it knocked out by about 4:00. The weekend was also great. We had a couple of lessons, not as many as we would like but they are solid investigators who sincerely want to know and have great questions. Complicated questions, but great questions. So that has been great to be able to teach them. We even have an investigator that taught a lesson in Gospel Principles yesterday. She taught about service. So she has been coming out to church for the past 3 sundays. Which is awesome. Other then that though there isn't much news. We are just trying to improve our finding and finding more people to teach. But that is how is goes. 

Until next week! 

-Elder Valentine

And here is a picture!

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