Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 4

I know, I know, it is Tuesday, and yes I am sending out email on a day other then P-day, but its ok!
Yesterday was Labor Day so we are supposed to do it today. Because we had no way to do it yesterday. 

So this past week was a little slow as lessons go. Here in Hurricane they have what is known as Peach Days so they shut down one of the streets in town and have what I guess you could call a festival. So that was Friday, and Saturday. So The whole town just about was there. We had a few appointments those days but most people just canceled because they forgot it was Peach Days. We actually ended up going down there and getting dinner. Everyone was trying to give us free food. We were stuffed beyond belief. During the actual week we had a fair number of lessons. We have been trying to find more investigators, so we went out contacting a lot of people. We have some appointments this week that we set up last week from those contacts. So we will see how that goes.

Last Thursday we had President Center come out with us to our appointments. He had to interview my companion for his temple recommend renewal because he is going home soon. And he had to interview one of our investigators for Baptism. The investigator in question ran away from his family when he was 15 but comes from a polygamist family so he has to be interviewed by the mission president and then a general authority. So we are trying to get the ball rolling on that. When we find out more I will update you all on that. It is something that we actually see quite often here. There are quite a few people who run away and come here. 

So yesterday for Labor day we had some members invite us up to their cabin near Kolob reservoir to go fishing. Their cabin is in a private community with its own private lake. We were at an elevation of 8800 feet so we were just driving up and up and up for awhile (Hurricane is at 3400 feet) We got up to their cabin and went straight to fishing. I caught 5 rainbow trout. 3 of them were a decent size, but the other 2 were tiny so i threw 4 of them back. I had one on my line that was bigger then the rest but it ended up snapping my line and getting away. While we were fishing though a couple of Osprey and a Bald Eagle got in a fight above the lake. That was the first time i have ever seen a Bald Eagle in the Wild that close. But I will talk to you all next week. 

I love you all and will have quite the update for you all next week!!

-Elder Valentine

The Fish and I 

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